10 traits of a professional accountant

    A new business means important decisions, courage, patience, and expertise. If you have decided to start something new, make sure to keep an eye on your profits, because in the end that’s what you’re after. However, to gain profit your company must have an excellent accountant or accounting services firm, that will be able to guide the business. To operate legitimately on the market a company must abide to all fiscal and financial laws and be up-to-date with recent legislation changes.

    More often than not, an entrepreneur will not be able to address this problem personally and will hire an accountant. However, easier said than done: good accountants are hard to come by, and the ones Google offers aren’t always trustworthy. So what to look after when you’re in search of a good accountant or accounting firm?

    Here are the 10 traits of a good accountant that can help you find just the right person:

  1. Experienced and recommended. Time-proven experience is what separates the average accountant from a trustworthy one. However, make sure to not only look at the portfolio, but at his/her reviews, as well. The best advertisement is the one offered by people pleased by how the work is done.

  1. Always informed and flexible. Knowing your trade is one thing, being informed about changes to it is totally another. A good accountant is always abreast with the latest legislation changes. Aside from that, he must be ready to adapt to the ever changing technological advancements and stay in touch with the latest software.

  1. Great communicator. Needless  to say, accounting is not only about numbers. Great professionals know how to approach clients and colleagues to deliver their ideas or message. Efficient communication is important in keeping a healthy workflow at your company and the accountant may become the centerpiece.

  1. Makes good use of time. Your accountant plays an important role in making key decisions concerning the profitability of your business. Aside from financial management, he will surely have myriads of smaller tasks. This is why task prioritization and time management and must needed skills for a good accountant.

  1. Objective and honest. A good accountant possess in-depth knowledge of  financial principles that allow him to correctly assess the company’s current situation and report this to the owner. True credibility comes through valuing facts and careful reports over subjective thinking.

  1. Client-oriented. To become good and offer the best service an accountant must learn to talk with his clients, understand their niche, business, and the whole market. By diving deep into the needs and requirements of a specific company an accountant is able to offer the best solution and find common ground with the business owner.

  1. Ethical. Work ethics aside, it is important for an accountant to understand that integrity and trustworthiness are one of the most important traits.  A true professional knows the value of sensitive and business information, leaving all names hidden and all numbers - correct.

  1. A creative mind. An expert know how to adapt to a changing world. Obstacles will inevitably arise during the company’s activity and an accountant must know how to develop a strategy to overcome them. Being creative in accounting is being always on your toes and never stopping learning.

  1. Attention to details. The devil lies in the details. While the daily life of an accountant consists mostly of numbers and reports, it is easy to miss a line or an additional “zero”. Attention to details can prevent terrible mistakes and, at the same time, continuous attention will lead to a stable and prosperous business economy.

  1. Harkworking. This is something that is often said, but rarely done. Being able to stay concentrated on your work and find motivation to grow is important for a good accountant. Reports after reports, an expert never loses his focus and will take good care of each and every client he has.

    And if you’re reading this and thinking “Wow, that’s me!”, feel free to contact us - VirtualOffice is always looking for great field experts and we’d like to get to know you more!

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