An in-house account or an accounting firm? What’s the best choice?

An in-house account or an accounting firm? What’s the best choice?

    To concentrate on your business’s goals and drive profit, you must first make sure the accounting is in the right hands. But what’s the better option: hiring an account or outsourcing the paperwork to a specialized company?

    Unlike a company, a hired professional may experience some difficulties. After all, the weight of the responsibility lies fully on his shoulders and he must make important decisions. In case of errors and mistakes the whole business may suffer. And finally, it often proves hard to find a professional and trustworthy expert.

    The services of a dedicated firm guarantee time-tested experience and trust.
Here are just some benefits of working with an accounting company:

  • In dealing with state authorities;
  • In working with fiscal and financial control bodies;
  • In the application of legislative novelties;
  • In the management of critical situations and deadlines;
  • In minimizing taxes and charges;
  • In choosing solutions that maximize profit.

Small costs
  • No salarial and tax expenses for keeping an in-house accountant;
  • No expenses on additional office space, PCs, and office supplies;
  • No need to purchase expensive accounting software;
  • No risks of dealing with amateurs and their mistakes.

Non-stop activity
  • Your accountant will inevitably take a leave or call in sick, while your company’s activity continues and documents pile up;
  • All work processes are monitored to eliminate possible errors and obstacles;
  • All reporting is monitored to avoid delays and fees;
  • A company offers and ensures the stable work of all necessary equipment: printer, copier, fax, PC, etc.

Transfer of responsibility
  • The full responsibility of correct and legitimate bookkeeping is on the accounting firm;
  • The accounting firm is obligated to receive a professional certificate which is forfeited in cases where the company fails to uphold the highest standards;
  • The company archives and stores all documents and correspondence;
  • There is no “minimum time frame” for hiring an accounting firm - you can cancel the contract at any time.

Time saving
  • You can trust the experience of a dedicated accounting company and avoid daily control of a hired employee;
  • You can concentrate on daily business activity instead of dealing with small bookkeeping tasks that can be resolved without your direct involvement.

    The personnel of an accounting firm is always up-to-date with the latest changes in the legislation. This allows a company to provide the best accounting services for all domains of business activity.
    Here at VirtualOffice we have gathered the best field experts whose sole responsibility is to ensure your growth. We work in accordance with local legislations and offer the best solution for your business. Remember, you don’t hire “an account” - you hire a team of dedicated professionals who will work in unison for our mutual success.

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