Smart Office

Having an office is an essential part of any business, yet it can become cumbersome. Rental payments, hiring an in-house secretary, phone and internet bills, maintenance and cleaning; all of this adds up and can seriously hurt your business.

Smart Office offers you all the benefits of having a real office, but costs less.

The full package for a digital office includes:

  1. 1. Registered office - your company is assigned a notable legal address in the center of the capital. Companies with a head office in an office complex are trustworthy and serious. Customers and partners have a better impression of companies operating in a central area of the city.
  2. 2. Secretarial services - a dedicated secretary manages your business activities, handles and forwards incoming mail, and personally notifies you of any new correspondence.
  3. 3. Dedicated phone number - we create a dedicated local number for your company. The line is handled by one of our operators who will inform your customers and partners about your business, services, or products.

Company formation

Becoming an entrepreneur is easier with Virtual Office. Our team of experts will take care of all the paperwork required to legally open a new company. We can assist you in making changes to an existing one or liquidating it. Save yourself from the troubles of going through all legal authorities and preparing necessary documents, let Virtual Office help you with the following:

  1. 1. Company formation

    The process of creating a business is rather tedious and requires a lot of time. Virtual Office allows a simpler and faster way of registering a new company. We know exactly what documents the process requires and how to complete them, saving you the inconvenience of perusing through countless regulations and forms.

    A company can be incorporated in the following legal forms:

    • 1. Individual entrepreneur / I.E.;
    • 2. Limited Liability Company / L.L.C.;
    • 3. Joint-Stock Company/ J.S.C.;
    • 4. Collective enterprise;
    • 5. Limited partnership;
    • 6. Business co-operative;
    • 7. Production cooperative;
    • 8. Holding company.

    The most common legal forms of organization for businesses in the Republic of Moldova are:

    • - Individual entrepreneur / I.E.;
    • - Limited Liability Company / L.L.C.;
    • - Joint-Stock Company/ J.S.C.
  2. 2. Company changes

    During its activity, a company may face the necessity of urgent modifications of its structure, assets and liabilities, or even the legal form of organization. Virtual Office offers the faster and most efficient solutions for the following actions :

    • Share capital increase;
    • Change of registered office;
    • Exclusion of associates;
    • Withdrawal of associates;
    • Change of ownership;
    • Share capital reduction;
    • Changes to company name;
    • Changes in business activity.
  3. 3. Company liquidation

    In the case of business liquidation we control the preparation of all the documents required to remove your company from the register:

    1. Application for the registration of suspension of activities, in accordance with the model approved by the state registration authority;
    2. The decision of an authorized person to suspend or resume the company's activities;
    3. Constitutional documents;
    4. A copy of the notice on the suspension or renewal of the activity of a legal entity published in the Official Monitor of the Republic of Moldova;
    5. Stamp (Stamps) of the legal entity;
    6. Notification of the National Commission for the Financial Market on liquidation of the company;
    7. A document confirming the registration fee payment.


Virtual Office provides full-stack accounting services with financial and tax consultancy. Our experts will help you understand your tax obligations, as well as analyze the risks and offer a solution to overcome them.

  1. Accounting

    Registration of primary documents in accordance with the legal norms and accounting principles, namely:

    • Analytical and synthetic reports of clients and suppliers;
    • Asset and depreciation calculation;
    • Monthly trial balance verification;
    • Cost accounting and accounting management;
    • Elaboration of various other reports requested by the active legislation;
    • Elaboration, verification, and certification of the balance sheet.
  2. Tax consulting

    Planning obligatory payments in the form of taxes and fees in order to minimize costs and correctly reflect the actual business development:

    • Tax consultancy on financial and accounting legislation;
    • Providing professional services for specialized assistance in the preparation of income and tax returns;
    • Assistance on budget claims (fines, penalties, increases);
    • Assistance during tax investigations;
    • Advice on organization of information flow;
    • Informing about the changes in the accounting and fiscal legislation;
    • Identification of fiscal-accounting policies appropriate for the business and the application of fiscal facilities in accordance with the active legislation.
  3. Balance sheet

    A service that determines the company’s business value, assets and liabilities structure, payment capacity, liquidity ratios, financial results, and many other indicators. This includes drawing up the quarterly and annual balance sheets.

  4. Analytical reporting

    A service for compiling top-level accounting documents:

    • Payroll;
    • corporate asset and liability records;
    • financial / accounting department activity reports;
    • corporate activity monitoring reports.


Branding is an essential business process and, if done correctly, can bring substantial profits. A brand is your reputation the trust and loyalty of your customers and clients and their eagerness to become your brand evangelists.

An impactful brand image is hard to create, and even harder to maintain. Virtual Office offers you all the tools required to convey your company’s mission and vision, and identify the right brand strategy to achieve the best results.

The full range of our Branding services includes creating:

  1. Logo - a unique, easy-to-recognize symbol underlying the identity and main values of a company.

  2. Website - your company’s online representation and the most optimal tool for increasing presence and promoting your business to a larger audience.

  3. Online store - an online solution for offering your customers the easiest way to browse and buy products.

  4. Business cards - the identity of your brand compressed into a must-have accessory for important meetings with clients and partners.

  5. Brochures - a great marketing tool for quickly showcasing your company’s products, services, or promotions.

  6. Digital Marketing - a full-stack online brand promotion campaign for finding new customers and strengthening the brand’s online presence.

The branding process at Virtual Office consists of the following steps:
  1. Getting to know your company and it’s needs;
  2. Completing a full brand audit;
  3. Developing the brand values and positioning based on your vision and goals;
  4. Creating a branding strategy;
  5. Setting brand implementation stages and launch strategy steps;
  6. Launching the brand and marketing campaign;
  7. Measuring results and drawing up reports.
Virtual Office offers you an attractive brand with a powerful visual identity that will take your business to the next level.