Why choose a Virtual legal address?

Why choose a Virtual legal address?  
    If you have decided to start a company, you’re going to need a legitimate legal address. VirtualOffice offers you a digital office that comes with all the benefits of a real one. But first, let’s get some things straight:What is a virtual registered address?
    A digital registered address or a virtual office is the ideal choice for those who do not need any physical working space, but want to make business elsewhere. This service is most necessary for niche professionals, mobile and adaptive, that want to expand globally by finding new markets and opening branches. Virtual office have become a popular trend for small companies that are just beginning their growth. 

    There are numerous benefits of a virtual office, and here are just some of them:
You are saving money by evading necessary payments for office rent, maintenance, as well as purchasing expensive equipment;
Clients are more likely to trust you - companies using home addresses as their head offices often face client uncertainty;
You gain a prestigious registered address - at least with VirtualOffice you do - in the center of the capital, gaining more trust points from your clients;
Company foundation becomes easier and faster with a head office ready for registration.
    More than that, the services of a virtual office include a full package of benefits that would come along with a real office. For example, aside from the actual legal address, the full plan includes a dedicated phone number that is maintained by a secretary in the name of your company.
    A full package also includes many other services, such as:
Secretary and administrative services;
Phone call reception and redirection;
Mail sorting and forwarding via e-mail with personalized notifications on each action;
Separate archive for all internal correspondence and documentation;
Access to printer/copier/scanner/fax.

    In short, we become your online virtual secretary. This implies smaller payments versus the significant cost of a real office. After all, hiring a secretary is expensive on it’s own, and you will also need to connect a phone line, internet, etc.

    The benefits of a virtual office are clear and we could go on like this forever, especially when taking in consideration modern technologies. Employees working remotely are seen more often than ever before. Allowing your company workers to choose their own comfortable workplace is quickly becoming a trend.
    This is more than viable for small companies and start-ups that are in dire need of any advantage they can gain in the competitiveness of the market. Nobody has the money to rent a big office, that’s why companies choose to work with digital firms like VirtualOffice and take advantage of their virtual legal address services.

    The final nail in the coffin of physical offices is the eco-friendliness of digital ones. Imagine if half of the working population didn’t have to go to work every day. This would immensely reduce the number of cars and other transportation and the pollution they bring. And then there’s saving gas money for each employee.
    So saving money is the key. A company with multiple offices can save huge amounts on rent, maintenance and supplies while redirecting this money stream to impact it’s growth. 
When the company is growing, it will inevitably face the problem of relocating the office to a bigger place. This is also a case for virtual offices: they don’t take up space, allow flexibility, and provide an opportunity to invest funds in a different way.

    All of this, and even more, can help your company grow faster and bigger. VirtualOffice can offer you the necessary virtual office solutions for your business’s needs - call us to learn how we can help you!

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