The process of registering a company in the Republic of Moldova

The process of registering a company in the Republic of Moldova

    In accordance with the active legislation of the Republic of Moldova, the following are eligible to become entrepreneurs

    Individuals occupying administrative posts that take decision in regards to the entrepreneurial activities or that have a direct influence on the outcomes of events in this field are not permitted to engage in entrepreneurial activity.

    An individual may engage in entrepreneurial activity without registering a legal entity if he:

  1. Received an entrepreneurial patent;
  2. Has registered a sole proprietorship;
  3. Has registered an owner-operated farm;
  4. Is engaged in individual business activity;
  5. Represents a limited partnership with one or more individuals and / or legal entities;
  6. Is a collective company with one or more physical and / or legal entities.

    Entrepreneurial activity with under the status of a legal entity may be carried out under the following legal organization forms:

    The following documents must be presented to register a legal entity:

  1. Application for registration;
  2. Identity card;
  3. Decision on the establishment of a legal entity and its constituent documents, in duplicate;
  4. Notification from the National Commission for the Financial Market for insurance agencies, social and pension funds, and credit organizations;
  5. Confirmation of payment of registration tax.

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